The Chabad Neshama Teen Scene is the first of its kind and its here in Brighton Beach. The teens learn and spend time with other teens. They get to make friends with lots of new girls their age from similar backgrounds

The teens meet monthly for a special program where they learn, discuss and sometimes question on the fundamentals of life and Yiddishkeit.

The directors of the group prepare a topic of discussion together with a game and craft relevant to the topic. Recently there was a discussion about love and relationships that one of the girls from Oceana said “it was very helpful to hear this, because it made me realize what kind of relationship I’m looking to have when I grow up”.

Two of the girls are the presidents of the group who are joined by the program’s director to plan each of the events, as well as follow up on the teenager’s progress with their “senior”.

Part of the Neshama Teen Scene is that a few times a month each teen must volunteer a certain amount of community service hours for the benefit of the community. Every teen has a pre-assigned senior who becomes “their senior” for the year. On an average day they would help them in whatever is needed, before each holiday they would make at the teen gathering a gift for their senior. Before Chanukah it would be a Chanukah gift, similarly before each holiday they would prepare a gift for their senior.

The teens love this. “We get to talk to someone who went through much of life and learn from their experiences. It’s amazing what life can bring” said Olga from Manhattan Beach.

Last years project was to write about the life of their senior the way it was in Europe pre world war. “How my senior fell in love with her husband, who died a few years ago and how they took care of each other when they literally had nothing to eat is just unbelievable”. said Natasha from trump village.

“What the teens learn and experience is so vital for their adulthood life that we truly are proud to have the only such program in the neighborhood” said Sara the teen director.

For more information and/or registration please call us at 718-946-9833