Dear Parents;

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our Bar Mitzvah/C-Guys Club. A club designed for boys ages 12 & 13, 7th-8th graders. This fun and exciting club is planned with you in mind. It is a time to connect Jewish guys with Jewish ideals and values in a cool way.

Our dynamic, exciting and creative Rabbi club leader will keep your son entertained for the full session. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment where your child can learn about themselves through giving to others, identifying with individuals who share the same faith, and being a part of a group that focuses on building core values and stresses positive character development. C-Guys builds social skills through positive affiliations, ensuring personal growth in a society where working together is the key to advancement. The boys get together on a bi-monthly basis and enjoy hands on activities and trips. It is a great outlet for teens to express themselves while taking in Jewish core values!

If you would like me to personally email and invite your son, please forward me his cell phone number, email address and Facebook name.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at 718 207-8932 or email me personally at estherwinner@gmail.com.

Space is limited! Don't miss out - reserve your spot today.

Looking forward to hear from you. 

Esther Winner