JKC is proud to be an after school program that is open almost every day that NYC public schools are open, including Chanukah, Purim, and public school half days.  (The only exclusions: Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Shavuot.) In the event that public schools will be closed due to inclement weather, JKC will be closed too. 

JKC regular hours are 2:20-6 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 2:20-4:30 pm on Fridays.


September 8: First Day of JKC

September 15 OR 22 OR 29: half day at public school, longer day at JKC*

September 26-27: Rosh Hashanah, Closed

October 4: Yom Kippur Eve, early dismissal 4:00**

October 5: Yom Kippur, Closed 

October 10: Columbus Day, Closed

October 11: Sukkot, Closed***

October 17- 18: Simchat Torah, Closed***

October 28: Exclusive JKC Shabbos Dinner

November 3 OR 9 OR 17 OR 18: half day at public school, longer day at JKC*

November 8: Election Day, Closed

November 11: Veterans Day, Closed

November 24-25: Thanksgiving Break, Closed

December 26- January 2: Winter Recess, Closed

January 16: Dr. MLKJ Day, Closed

February 20-24: Midwinter Recess, Closed

March 7: Purim, Special Program (Regular JKC Schedule)

March 9 OR 16 OR 23 OR 24: half day at public school, longer day at JKC*

April 5-14: Spring Recess, Closed 

April 21: Eid al- Fitr, Closed

May 4 OR 11 OR 18: half day at public school, longer day at JKC*

May 12: Exclusive JKC Shabbos Dinner

May 26: Shavuot, Closed***

May 29: Memorial Day, Closed 

June 8: Anniversary Day, Closed

June 9: Clerical Day, Closed

June 19: Juneteenth, Closed 

June 22: JKC Graduation Ceremony & Performance

June 27: Last Day of JKC 

*On the days that public schools have half day, JKC is happy to accommodate, and will be picking up your child from school at the early dismissal time. Lunch and dinner will be served on these days, and dismissal will be the regular time, 6pm. These dates are tentative since the public schools did not finalize which dates would be chosen for the half days. 

**On Yom Kippur Eve, JKC will have early dismissal at 4pm sharp. The teachers observe the holidays and will need to get home to their families to eat a meal before the fast begins. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank-you for picking up your child no later than 4:00 and for your understanding.

***On these 4 days, although public schools don’t observe these holidays and remain open, as a Jewish center with religious staff, we are unable to remain open these 5 days.  If you’d like to hire our assistant teachers who live locally to babysit your child at our JKC location during these holidays, we are happy to help you arrange it, please contact us.

Please be sure that we have your correct email address and open all emails from JKC and are on the parent whatsapp group since that is how we will communicate with you to notify you of a change of schedule and many other important announcements. Thank-you.