2:20 - The children are picked up from school and greeted with a smile by our dedicated and caring staff.

2:40 - Before going inside for homework, the children enjoy a light snack and have time at the beautiful park directly across the street from JKC. Getting fresh air at the park and expending energy is not only healthy but allows for increased concentration during homework hour.

3:00 - Homework hour begins. The children are divided into small groups so that they receive the proper care and attention needed. They are provided with a calm and quiet environment that is conducive to completing homework properly. Teachers supervise at all times and are there to help along the way. Children are encouraged to complete their homework using a variety of positive incentive programs.

4:00 - Dinner time: JKC is proud to promote a healthy lifestyle every day in all areas. Our delicious and healthy dinners are always homemade and the children are encouraged to try new vegetables and foods. A highlight of dinner time at JKC is the "lucky minute" when the teachers allow each child one minute to stand up and tell the group about their day, and something lucky that happened to them. This helps to create the warm family environment we strive for at JKC.

4:30 - Daily enrichment: JKC is so much more than an after-school. We are constantly working to help the children grow and learn new life skills. Every day the children take part in a different enrichment program. Trained coaches are brought in to teach soccer, zumba, cooking, drama, and art class.

5:15 - Jewish Lesson: The children end off every day with Jewish learning. Over the course of the year they learn about the Jewish holidays and traditions, prayers, and Hebrew reading/writing. The teachers have a vast knowledge of all things Jewish and teach the students through games and activities.

5:50 - When the children are picked up from JKC they are excited to greet their parents and tell them about how wonderful their day was. Every child leaves feeling proud to be a Jew and with a great big JKC smile on their face!