A Chupah- A Jewish wedding.

The moment that binds a man and a woman together.

The moment that brings forth the future generation in purity.

A wedding is a Mitzvah established by G‑d at the time of creation.

During the Chupa Ceremony is the time when the three partners in every living thing man, woman and G‑d are joined together in a most powerful way. It says in Kabbalah that the man and woman draw down the spiritual energy of “Sovev” – the all encompassing light at the time of the Chupa, when the bride surrounds the groom and when the groom presents the bride with the ring that is symbolic of the all encompassing light, which is followed by G‑d blessing the bride and groom with a light that is higher than both of them, the spiritual light of the Chupa canopy which surrounds both the bride and groom together.

Chabad Neshama arranges Chupa’s - Jewish Weddings for couples in full accordance with the Torah and Jewish tradition. Our purpose is to offer to Russian-American Jewish couples the joy and spirituality of a religious wedding ceremony.  Some of the couples are middle-aged, some are elderly and some are very young.  Virtually none of them ever had the opportunity to do things the Jewish way.

In addition, Chabad Neshama provides classes on the inner meaning of a Jewish marriage, the Chupah, and other mitzvahs pertaining to Jewish couples thus enabling them to establish their home and future life in the right direction. This significant experience impacts Jewish continuity forever.

For more information on a Jewish wedding or to have one officiated please contact Rabbi Winner at 718-946-9833 or 718-687-7844.