Project Neshama Brings The Holiday Festivities To The Streets

- The Jewish Press

Friday, 11/07/03

Throughout the week of the sukkot holiday, a sukkah mobile was on Brighton Beach Avenue where hundreds had the chance to make the blessing on the Lulav and Esrog. The 8 foot wooden sukkah was built on a trailer giving it the ability to travel around the entire neighborhood making the holiday festivities accessible to all. Many entered the sukkah mobile to make the special blessing upon eating in the sukkah.

“It gave me much pleasure and satisfaction to watch the smiles and excitement when many of the Russian American Jews of our neighborhood, came by to do these holiday mitzvos proudly in the street”. said Rabbi Avraham Winner the Lubavitch Representative to Brighton and Manhattan Beach and Director of the Neshama Center.

A group of young Yeshiva students from the Ukraine were inviting the Russian Americans into the sukkah mobile. The yeshiva boys, who study in a yeshivah in Dniepropetrovsk, were in New York to spend the holidays in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s synagogue in Crown Heights. They were invited to Brighton Beach by Project Neshama to help teach the community about the holidays.

Project Neshama is an organization in the Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach communities. It runs educational programs for all ages from children to seniors throughout the year. Their center is at 2997 Ocean Parkway (right off Brighton Beach Ave.) Brooklyn, NY 11235, Tel 718-946-9833