JKC is a home away from home.  The children are like a family. Classmates are almost like siblings, and teachers are like that youthful energetic aunt which is why the kids love to tell their Morahs all about their day in school. They know the teacher is really listening and cares. 

We value the benefits of children running around outdoors after a full day of school.  They need to expend some energy before sitting down to homework! Therefore, we make sure to spend some time at the park daily.  

Homework and healthy eating habits are important to every parent and to us too.  Teachers sit with endless patience until every single child's homework is completed, and every child has eaten a nutritious and delicious hot dinner.

We offer an enrichment program that includes professional instructors for soccer, Zumba, drama, baking and art class!  

A child equipped with an education and a feeling for Judaism’s beautiful teachings, traditions, and historical lessons is a child better equipped to face the awesome moral challenges of today’s society. The children learn how to read and write Hebrew; they also learn Jewish history, and the meaning of every Jewish holiday.

At JKC, we teach the children a lot more than academics.  We teach children good values like kindness and respect, and how to communicate, and how to honor their parents and grandparents. 

At Jewish Kids Club, we do whatever we can to be sure that every child is happy every single day.